Team Consult

Student Study Team (SST)

Student Study Team is a forum to discuss student learning and achievement, and any factors that might affect the academic, social, emotional growth or physical health of students. It provides an opportunity to identify issues and brainstorm potential solutions in an effort to help each student achieve his or her potential.

Although members of the team may vary, it usually consists of the principal, a parent, nurse, resource specialist, and a district counselor. If there is an expressive/receptive language concern, the English Learner Support Teacher may attend. A school psychologist may also be present to offer suggestions or possible interventions. Parents are valuable members of the team, and can share pertinent history, strengths and concerns about their child.

Possible outcomes might include:

  • Better understanding of the student and his or her needs.
  • Implementation of one or more interventions, such as changing seating arrangements in the classroom, modification of assignments, tutoring, referral to special education or to a community agency.

Anyone working with a student may request an SST, including a parent. Concerned parents should conference with the child's teacher or principal.