Business Sponsorships

Business Sponsor Opportunities

Friends of Pacific Beach Elementary (FOPBE) is looking for local businesses interested in sponsoring resource costs for our over 400 students enrolled in the 2015-16 school year.

$1,000+ = business logo and contact information on the front page of our website and included on our thank you page in our printed newsletter during the entire 2015-16 school year

$500+ = 3 months on our website and newsletter

The PBE website receives an average of over 600 hits a month and the monthly newsletter goes home with each of our 390 students!

100% of all donations directly benefit our school, students, and teachers.

Donations are tax deductible. Our Tax ID: 33-0549469

Email FOPBE at [email protected] to sponsor or for more details.

Sponsorships needed:

Garden Science $1,000
Parent volunteers provide and maintain a beautiful campus garden for students to enjoy during recess and classroom projects. Each classroom is provided an area of land to grow vegetables, cotton, flowers, etc.Garden Science projects are conducted in each classroom throughout the year.Supplies are needed to keep the garden maintained and to support the class projects.

P.E. Equipment $1,000
Classes participate in a physical education program instructed by their teachers. Equipment to support and enhance this program is needed.

Missoula Children's Theatre $1,500
Missoula arts education group provides high-quality musical theatre experiences for our students. Two theatre professionals from Missoula, Montana spend a week of rehearsals with our students, culminating in an amazing production. Missoula Children's Theatre touring productions are complete with costumes, scenery, props & makeup.

Arts Attack Program $1,600
A comprehensive visual-based art curriculum taught in each classroom once a month by parent volunteers. Arts Attack has undergone rigorous review by various State Departments of Education, resulting in statewide adoptions of the curriculum. Sponsorship provides art supplies for each classroom to participate in the program monthly for the 2012-13 academic year.

Printer Toner $2,000
Each teacher has daily printing needs to provide materials to their students and parents. Sponsorship provides toner for each classroom for the 2012-13 academic year.

Field Trip Buses $2,500
Each class participates in field trips during the school year to enrich the subjects learned in the classroom. Field trips to San Diego Junior Theatre and San Diego Natural History Museum are common. Sponsorship provides bus transportation for each classroom for the 2012-13 academic year.

Instructional Supplies $5,000
It takes loads of paper, pencils, pens, crayons, tape, staples, glue, envelopes, rulers, pencil boxes, etc. to keep each classroom learning. PBE is a public (free) school and students are not required to provide any supplies. Sponsorship provides these supplies and provides the opportunity for higher end supplies such as technology (ipads, digital readers, etc) in the classroom.

Thank you so much for supporting our students,

Friends of Pacific Beach Elementary School (FOPBE) is a not-for-profit (501© (3)) Organization