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Our parent organization is called Friends of Pacific Beach Elementary( FOPBE ) and is an amazing resource for parents of students at PBE. You'll meet other parents, learn about what's being done to support our school, staff and teachers so they can provide a great learning experience for all students at PBE.


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Follow us at our website  https://fopbe.org


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FOPBE has an Instagram and Facebook account! Our FOPBE social media sites aim to keep our PBE families, teachers, staff and community up to date with relevant information about PBE events, announcements, reminders, fun facts and school highlights of our wonderful school! We have a new Social Media Director this year who is committed to keeping our accounts up to date, active, informative, fun and consistent throughout the year.


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Follow us on Instagram @fopbe  https://www.instagram.com/fopbe/


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Follow us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/FOPBE/ 


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